Since 1981, JAYBEE Industries, is dedicated to the service of the power sector in India and is an authorized manufacturer producing electrical apparatus in Power & Distribution Systems. Approved as a Small Scale Industry, by Industries Department Punjab, an advanced unit on Science & Technology in India and a high & new technology enterprise in Punjab, JAYBEE Industries is the Best Grade Qualified Enterprise of Bathinda City.

Today, with more than two decades of continuous progress behind it, JAYBEE has crossed many historical landmarks and has grown into a progressive Global Organization surpassing many benchmarks in the field.

Vision & Ambition

The ocean accommodates all rivers on earth. JAYBEE has the same vision and ambition to gather superiorities of resources in the world to build up its great success. Go together with giants and in pace with the world. JAYBEE has its permanent pursue to provide India & the World - safe, reliable, energy saving, environment friendly and stable electric equipments and to provide customers service above the price.

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UNIT I: 5 K.M. Malout Road,Bathinda, Punjab

UNIT II: Village Kirpalpur, Baddi road , Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh

EMAIL: info@jaybeeindustries.com

WEB: http://www.jaybeeindustries.com/

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